Chavez & Associates, Inc. dba AC Language School has a portfolio of 3,000+ online courses; E-library with 2,000+ e-books, books, and workbooks in English and Spanish; 10,000+ classroom posters and flashcards.

Digital Learning Platform: lessons, activities, assessments, review, educators – live conferences, real-time analytics, assessments, 24/7 technical support and training sessions, Multi-layer security and encryption, and we use our platform and experience to craft new courses.

Core Competencies

  • Supplemental Classroom-Based and Online Courses for Bilingual/ ESL, Continuing Education
  • Digital Learning Platform
  • E-Library with Interactive Videos (Audio, Video, Voice Assistance)
  • Instructional Design Services: Job Task Analysis, Gap Analysis, Curriculum Design and Development
  • Instructional Materials: Books, Workbooks, Posters, Flashcards, and Lesson Plans
  • Learning Solutions: Classroom (ILT), Virtual (VILT), Self-Paced, Blended Learning Solutions
  • Off-the-Shelf and Custom Development Software


All curriculum is aligned to state and national standards:
Supplemental ESL PK-12: 14,720 skills
Special Education: 400 skills
Core Curriculum for PK: 2,855 skills
E-Library: 600 skills
Continuing Education: 400 courses

Curriculum designers have 30+ years of experience providing custom curriculum for school districts, universities, and other institutions.
AC Language School has satisfied 230 contracts.
Teaching methodology based on accelerated learning, experiential-based learning.

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